IT-CMF (Information Technology Capability Maturity Framework )

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IT-CMF. TM. (Information Technology Capability Maturity Framework. TM. ) This management framework helps decision maker...


IT-CMFTM (Information Technology Capability Maturity FrameworkTM) This management framework helps decision makers manage key information technology (IT) capabilities to improve delivery of innovation and value across the organization. IT-CMF Overview IT-CMF defines an organization’s IT capability as the systematic mobilization (i.e. integrate, reconfigure, gain and release) of resources (i.e. tangible and intangible) in support of targeted outcomes. It is a bridge between the organization’s business strategy and its business operations. IT-CMF defines a management toolset; consisting of maturity profiles, assessment methods, and improvement roadmaps; which collectively enhance necessary organizational capabilities for improved delivery of innovation and value. At the top level, IT-CMF’s critical capabilities (CCs) represent key IT management domains - Figure 1 – that should be considered when targeting outcomes in support of innovation and value creation. Critical capabilities are grouped under four macro-capabilities, which mutually support each other to holistically manage organizational capability improvement.

Figure 1: IT-CMF’s Critical Capabilities

IT-CMF’s Provenance IT-CMF can be traced back to when Intel IT undertook a transformation, systemically increasing innovation and value delivery. Professor Martin Curley, Vice President and Director of Intel Labs Europe, captured many of those approaches in his book Managing IT for Business Value (2004), along with case studies from industry peers, which resulted in the IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF). Since then, the Innovation Value Institute and its international consortium (IVI – has been steadily developing this original work with further research on additional best practices, organizational assessment approaches and improvement roadmaps. Attend the IT-CMF Master-Class Attend this master-class and learn how to continuously improve IT capabilities in support of value and innovation across the organization.

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